Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Style Preferences: A Difference of Perspective

      As I was preparing to move into my very first apartment, a lot of thought was put into how I should furnish my new home. Going from store to store with my parents, I noticed quickly that all the items they were picking out revolved around the same basic style. While they were focused mainly on the more 'rustic' and 'farm-styled' dining room and bedroom sets (Shown left), My eyes were immediately set on all of the 'modernized' style furniture. (Shown right)
"The Rustic Look"
"The Modern Look"

    Debate ensued as we made our way towards the living room furniture. Yet again, their particular preferences were made very clear.

My parents must have pointed out every single leather couch in the entire store, before I had the chance to even look at all of the other options!

While they were seemingly swimming in an ocean of leather and Victorian styles (Shown left).
I was being drawn towards color,
and design (Shown left and below).
www.barterpost.netI then realized how much our design preferences actually differed. Throughout your lifetime, it is guaranteed that your design and style choices will change with age.

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 Article written by Brooke Joliet

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