Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lumbar-Cool Mattress Advances in Chronic Pain Relief

Back in the day memory foam mattresses inspired by NASA took to the streets as the ultimate mattress ever designed. The mattress manufactures like Tempur-pedic knew they had a revolutionary product so they put a very high price that only the elite could afford and by offering financing the middle class now had a chance to join the elite. The idea of being able to jump up and down without the glass of wine spilling over was and is still pretty cool considering the idea that you and your partner could toss and turn without awakening each other.

Today the mattress revolution is on in a big way, the first generation of memory foam slept hotter than the innerspring mattress and with even greater advancements in technolgy of the second generation of memory foam with cool gel, all the manufactures are fighting to get their big name out their like Tempur-pedic, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Stearns & Foster and a lot more by tweaking the same product slightly and offering it as a new branded name on the market.

The new Lumbar-CooL collection is amazing, the level of comfort is outstanding and truly offers the best in chronic pain relief, now I'm not saying it will fix ya, but with the right mattress it sure will help you to feel better by allowing your muscles to rejenerate and heal while you sleep.

So how do you know? I thought I bought the right mattress already, at least thats what the salesman told us?

I have sold mattresses for over 25 years and during that time I have personally sold every brand on the market at one point or the other. I have been on a quest you might say to find the perfect mattress that truly offers something more. I have heard the same sales pitches as the rest of you and the only thing that is clear to me is all the big boy manufactures have share holders and investors that expect to make a profit and get paid.

Shark Tank is a series on cable and satelite tv and the investors look for companies with great ideas and one night I watched this guy present a really cool idea, a folding portable truck rack made from of real quality parts. He was looking for one of the sharks to invest in this great idea. The only thing this guy wanted was to build his product right here in the USA and to be able to offer alot of American jobs for people in his own community. The product was so awesome that every investor was like a sharking making outstanding offers to this guy it was to all to sureal. Watching this my jaw dropped with disbelief, every shark wanted to out source the product to china to lower the cost of the product so it would be more profittable. The guy with this great idea turned the sharks all down as he had no desire to outsource his product. He did go on to build his product with another investor and it is now being built in his own community as he only wanted.
 My point is this the big guys have been taking a beating during this slow economy and just because your wanting to buy a name you always loved, think again because there is a very good chance their parts may be outsourced to offer better profit to their investors, therefore that may be the reason a lot of customers have come into the store with stories of their favorite brand not lasting very long, sagging early, falling apart and companies finding new ways to avoid warranty returns, like if you don't have a receipt you can't prove you bought it, if that don't work then if it has any stains then it can't be returned and if that don't do it then they say if the mattress is only sagging 1 1/2 inches then it not a manufacture defect. This is more than buyer beware, more like buyer don't fall for a sales pitch.

I don't buy into all the marketing therefore I don't like to be the salesman in my store either. I want to help the customer find the right comfort level. Every customer is built different, and a lot of customers may have problem chronic pain areas and so I have learned when a customer gets the right mattress then they will spread the word to all their friends and relatives. Second, even I am guilty of price gouging, years ago when I was a young worker I was taught to bring in the most profit, my boss would encourage sales by offering commission and just like the car dealers if that is your only source of money for you to feed your family then you will lean towards getting the most profit reguardless of your customers needs.

When we talk about chronic pain, it means something different to everyone. I have learned to specialize in the right mattresses that serve more of a purpose to folks that have trouble sleeping, because that is your bodies only healing time. Pains that occur in the back or neck may need a certain amount of cool gel memory foam in the lumbar region, we have each mattress designed to offer good, better and best comfort level based on your bodies needs. It make a real difference if you sleep on your stomach, you may need it to be softer. You may be a back sleeper and need to have a firmer mattress. Some people like myself sleep on one side or the other and it takes a special comfort level especially if you experience any kind of numbness.

We live in a time where a lot of advances in medicine and understanding arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, lupos and it may be very important to have a mattress that won't put any pressure on your body or skin. Acid Reflux and COPD is on the rise in the Tennessee valley and when you suffer it takes a lot out of you when trying to keep elevated all thru the night. I have had many customers tell me they have slept in the recliner for years, We have cool motion beds you can put whatever mattress fits you and it will also fit inside of your current bedframe. The massage feature is not like you would expect from a massage, it actually serves a purposeescpecially if you have high blood pressure, or heart trouble, it actually spins your blood in a way that will benifit your helth and brings relief to your heart while decreasing inflammation or excess fluids from your body.
The second generation of cool gel is here to stay instead of having those hot flashes or night sweats you are more likely to sleep cooler, not like having an air conditioner, so don't worry about being cold, cool gel doesn't work that way, it actually takes the heat your body builds up at night and helps to dissipatate it from around your body, therfore you sleep a lot cooler but it does the job.

Customers have come to trust us and I say this I am no doctor, but I have consulted with many doctors and nurses. I am no chiropractor, but I have consulted with many of them. So if you have any medical condition causeing your chronic pain see medical advise from your doctor then come into the store, even if you have medicare or insurance you will avoid the hassel of showing tons of paperwork and only to recieve hardly nothing from the insurance claim after it's all said and done you will save a lot more under our special program wher My Friends Pay Wholesale Cost Plus 10%.

I will make it affordable for you, my friends drive all the way from Chattanooga TN, Birmingham AL, Huntsville AL and all throughtout the Tennessee Valley and we are proud to help you not overpay for anything and even if your tight on money, don't worry because my friends are all pre-approved to EasyPay by the WEEK, no credit financing with only $40 down.

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