Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Heavy Built Mattress Won't Sag 25 Years Guaranteed!

     Just because you pay more for a mattress don't mean it won't sag in a couple years. I have been on a quest when it comes to supporting our heavy built friends and now with newer technology available King Koil has released the Ultimate mattress that is blowing the competitors away.

Introducing the new 25 Year Extended Life Mattress by King Koil

Now available at Barter Post Trade-Up Store
My Friends Pay Wholesale Cost Plus 10%

Queen Wholesale Cost $697
King Wholesale Cost $782

Compared to the online pricing of a Queen $2299 and King $2699 this is a win, win for the community. Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville AL is well known to find better quality products and offer it for way less than retail furniture and mattress stores.

THE STRONGEST MATTRESS ON EARTH, The reviews are the best the industry has ever seen and all the products are made right here in the USA using only the best of quality products. This mattress last longer than all the competitors and Here's Why? featuring...

Mix and Match: Add a Splash of Personality.

--     The styling options are boundless when it comes to furniture and design. Choosing a new living room set can be fairly simple if you open your mind to all of the possibilities. When your in search of that perfect sofa and love set for your living room, try to imagine all of the different color matching opportunities. Mix & Match is in!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

No Matter How You Say, Biggest Friends Discount

    Barter Post Trade-Up Store services all our Friends that come in from Rainsville AL, Fort Payne AL, Scottsboro AL, Albertville AL, Guntersville AL, Gadsden AL, Cullman AL, Trenton GA, Rome GA, Chattanooga TN, Jasper TN, Whitwell TN and throughtout the Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee Valley. When you searching for a Furniture Store or perhaps Mattress Store online, keep this in mind. No matter where your from or what you may call it when your looking for the right piece for your home is like Tomato, Tomater or Potato, Potater, some folks have different sayings depending where you are from some may say, Furniture, Furnitures, Mattress, Mattresses, Bedding, Twin bed, Half bed, even if your the Queen, King or Master, we have the Biggest Friends Discount you can find on all your home furnishing needs. 

    So next time you need us just pull up Google search and put in whatever your looking for in the Living room, Sofa, Couch, Sofa bed, Sectional, Chaise Lounge, Leather, Microfiber, Recliner, Coffee Table, Tables, Entertainment TV Media Center. For Bedroom you might try Bed, Beds, Dresser, Platform, Chest, Nightstand, Cherry, Oak, Black, Rustic, Modern and in the Dining room you can find Dining Sets, Kitchen, Counter top Tables, Barstools, China Cabinets, Hutch, Buffett, Servers, Bakers Racks. Like I said we have it all available and I guarantee you'll save money when you shop with us. Tell all your Friends about our EasyPay by the WEEK No Credit Financing or LayAway for as long as you need up to 90 days and best of all stay connected with us on Facebook or Pinterest and you'll be the first to get a really good deal.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Style Preferences: A Difference of Perspective

      As I was preparing to move into my very first apartment, a lot of thought was put into how I should furnish my new home. Going from store to store with my parents, I noticed quickly that all the items they were picking out revolved around the same basic style. While they were focused mainly on the more 'rustic' and 'farm-styled' dining room and bedroom sets (Shown left), My eyes were immediately set on all of the 'modernized' style furniture. (Shown right)
"The Rustic Look"
"The Modern Look"

    Debate ensued as we made our way towards the living room furniture. Yet again, their particular preferences were made very clear.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trade-Up Something Old, To Buy Something New...

Bartering is how our ancestors survived back in the day and it is the platform to doing business in our community.
 Trading items you already have is a great way to purchase something you now need and it allows you to save your cash. Our business works both ways. We need to purchase items to sell in our store, so to simplify the transaction load your items up and bring them to the store and let's Trade-Up!

We all have a tendency to collect more than we have room for and thats were the old saying it's time to spring clean. It's a lot of work to have a yard sale. Most of the time you wind up overworking to get it done and if your raising a family, working etc. you may not have it in your schedule.

Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville AL, will purchase your items, we like to trade but we also like to just put the cash in your hands for just about anything of value.

Lumbar-Cool Mattress Advances in Chronic Pain Relief

Back in the day memory foam mattresses inspired by NASA took to the streets as the ultimate mattress ever designed. The mattress manufactures like Tempur-pedic knew they had a revolutionary product so they put a very high price that only the elite could afford and by offering financing the middle class now had a chance to join the elite. The idea of being able to jump up and down without the glass of wine spilling over was and is still pretty cool considering the idea that you and your partner could toss and turn without awakening each other.

Today the mattress revolution is on in a big way, the first generation of memory foam slept hotter than the innerspring mattress and with even greater advancements in technolgy of the second generation of memory foam with cool gel, all the manufactures are fighting to get their big name out their like Tempur-pedic, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Stearns & Foster and a lot more by tweaking the same product slightly and offering it as a new branded name on the market.

The new Lumbar-CooL collection is amazing, the level of comfort is outstanding and truly offers the best in chronic pain relief, now I'm not saying it will fix ya, but with the right mattress it sure will help you to feel better by allowing your muscles to rejenerate and heal while you sleep.

So how do you know? I thought I bought the right mattress already, at least thats what the salesman told us?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Trend Hitting the Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee Valley - Buyers Should Beware!

Not just a problem for Detroit, any longer 

Check out The Dirty Little Mattress Secret Uncovered by Fox News

Some of the retail stores are selling the High end, Name Brand Mattresses like Tempur-pedic, Sealy, Serta and Sterns & Foster at ridiculously low prices and this is why you need to beware?. All big box chain stores get used returned mattresses back from their customers because of a defect etc. 

Learning how to choose a better quality mattress, It's Not Easy!

I guess it depends on where you shop. If you know the reputation of the store your doing business with chances are they will lead you in the right direction but beware

Sick and Tired of that Sagging Mattress Killing Your Backs!

It's Only My Personal Opinion... but do Furniture Stores and Mattress Manufactures Need To Do A Better Job?

The days of importing poor quality furniture and mattresses need to come to an end. Many folks don't know it but as your mattress breaks down so does the health of our bodies. 

Complaints of poor quality mattresses with deep pocket sagging are on the rise in the Tennessee Valley.

Exciting news at Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville, AL


 Made in USA built tought for my heavy built Friends

Cast Iron, Clean and Seasoned

Cast Iron, Clean and Seasoned

Cast iron cleaning is something of tradition passed down to generations along with the cookware itself. Some cooks and cast iron diehards dare not let theirs near water, much less soap of any sort, and letting one rust may indeed fall into the book of unpardonable sins for some southerners.

Here's What You Need...