Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sick and Tired of that Sagging Mattress Killing Your Backs!

It's Only My Personal Opinion... but do Furniture Stores and Mattress Manufactures Need To Do A Better Job?

The days of importing poor quality furniture and mattresses need to come to an end. Many folks don't know it but as your mattress breaks down so does the health of our bodies. 

Complaints of poor quality mattresses with deep pocket sagging are on the rise in the Tennessee Valley.

Many Friends have complained about buying a new mattress somewhere only to have it start sagging after only a short time.  We realize the cheaper the mattress the cheaper the quality. But are customers being mis-lead to believe they are buying better quality only to find out it's cheaper quality than they expected? 

A quality mattress should only make personal body indentations within 1 1/2inches where you sleep but if a company sells a low end or generic mattress it is possible the parts have been imported from china or oveseas somewhere. So how do you know it's gonna sag before you buy?

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Learning how to choose a better quality mattress, It's Not Easy!