Saturday, January 14, 2017

Styling With Accent Pillows Like A Pro

    You don't have to dress your living room furniture like a fully loaded pizza in order to add visual impact with the use of accent pillows..

    Your color palette should consist of the solid base color on your furniture, two lighter patterned neutral and two darker patterned neutral pillows. This combination creates a pleasing visual impact for the eye without introducing an abundance of color.

   You also have the option of adding a pop of color in a different pattern, solid or shape of another accent pillow. Placing it in front of the others or in the corner if on a sectional. 

    You can choose a color that is already in use in the room, adding a pleasing appeal to the visual flow.

   Another popular option is to add a fabulous throw blanket or afghan in corresponding colors/patterns. By either placing it folded at the end of a sofa behind the accent pillows or on the end of a sectional. This helps to draw everything together for an inviting  place to sit and relax or to entertain guests.

Accent pillows are an affordable way to recreate your living area throughout the year. Giving your spirit an emotional boost-       
 Hey who couldn't use a boost now and then?

Written By: Katee Joliet                                                
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