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How Can You Get Sleep Apnea from a Bad Mattress ??

How Can You Get Sleep Apnea from a  Bad Mattress??

One night I was very exhausted from the riggers of the day, finally drifting off to sleep. Suddenly I jumped right out of bed with the realization that I had stopped breathing... I didn't know what had happened to cause this, but now I was truly scared to fall asleep.

My wife who was lying right next to me asked what was going on. So I explained to her and asked if she would stay awake a little longer since I was concerned that it might happen again.

Then it happened once again, all the sudden I jumped right out of the bed gasping for air. What was going on we both wondered as this had never happened before in the past. Finally, I double stacked my pillow and went off to la, la land.

Neither my wife nor I understood what had happened but after a few weeks it happened again. This time I was alarmed that something medical may be happening to me. I arranged an appointment with the doctor and he decided to schedule a sleep study. Now out of the blue I'm told about Sleep Apnea. What's up with that ? Where do all these new health problems come from ? When I was a kid I never heard of such a thing and now there's fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, panic attacks and a whole lot of other things we just never heard about.

There was no way I wanted to go to bed with some breathing thing around my face. Then one day while I was trying to sort things out, I received a mattress delivery and the driver was telling me about how in order for truck drivers to stay on the road they have to be tested for high blood pressure, etc and he said that if they see you have a large neck, they automatically recommend a sleep study. What for -Sleep Apnea?  I wondered.

I thought how I had double stacked my pillows and I was able to drift off. Then I realized I was way over due for another mattress. Just like a mechanic with his car always broke down, I sell mattresses for a living. I know how important it is to have the right mattress and pillow in order to achieve a proper nights rest. I also know this is the only time our bodies heal when we reach the deep sleep Rem. So out with the old and in with the new improved mattress and box to fit my comfort level.

The cool thing is owning a mattress store i have the inside information of all the options and  advancements in technology. I found one that really supported my heavy weight, because my body is so broken down I need a more plush mattress otherwise my shoulders go numb. The next problem was my neck has been pushing into my throat with my neck being so big. I believe the solid foam pillow was keeping my neck forward too much so I took home one of the new Cool Gel pillows, the kind that scrunches up, finding that my neck was very well supported. Better than I had thought, finally my neck wasn't pushing up on me and I didn't feel all choked up.

The thing is, my body felt so rested on my new mattress like never before and I felt very well supported with the new pillow. I have not had another attack from the Sleep Apnea ever since, just to make sure of it, I took home the new Lumbar-Cool Motion bed base with massage. Now I feel really refreshed in the morning. The new bed base actually relieved me from my chronic inflammation and I feel cooler at night.

This is my story and I just wanted to share in case it may help someone else.You have to know that no mattress will fix you, but if you get the right comfort level, it will make you feel so much better.

So how can you get Sleep Apnea from a bad mattress?  Truthfully, Sleep Apnea is a serious medical condition and merely changing your mattress isn't going to cure the issue. But on the other hand the wrong mattress can aggravate Sleep Apnea and having the right mattress may help to reduce your symptoms. This worked for me and I am truly grateful I had the opportunity to pick out the right mattress and pillow for myself.
 Sleeping On Your Side Or Sleeping On Your Back

The benefit of sleeping on your side is that it reduces the weight on your chest and allows you to breathe easier.
Many people have problems with side sleeping though.
When you are on your side your head is higher off the ground and you need a bigger pillow to keep your spine aligned and your airway open.
Also when sleeping on your side your shoulders and pelvis dig into the bed more, causing pressure points.
In dealing with sleep apnea the best mattress will eliminate pressure points and allow you to sleep comfortably in whatever position your medical professional recommends, be it side sleeping or back sleeping.

Correct Sleep Posture

Having good sleep posture is important for everyone but particularly those dealing with Sleep Apnea. Medical studies advise that a medium firm mattress is the best for comfort, support and posture.
Sleeping posture is a combination of having the right pillow for your sleeping type and having a mattress that provides adequate support for your body type.
It is possible to get zoned mattresses that have extra areas of support in the middle of the mattress because that part holds more of your body weight.

A Memory Foam Sleep Apnea Mattress

The ideal mattress type for Sleep Apnea sufferers is memory foam. This type of mattress is the best at offering support and correct spinal alignment. By having the best possible alignment you give yourself the best chance of having a clear airway.
It also reduces pressure points and allows you to sleep on your side, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of side sleep pillows.

Lumbar-Cool This unique construction of the G6 iMattress allows 12x more breath ability and increases air exchange up to 400% Compare to Tempur-Pedic, Visco Memory foam.

Compare the iG6 to other beds at twice the price, and you will come back to the iG6 for lasting comfort

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