Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mix and Match: Add a Splash of Personality.

--     The styling options are boundless when it comes to furniture and design. Choosing a new living room set can be fairly simple if you open your mind to all of the possibilities. When your in search of that perfect sofa and love set for your living room, try to imagine all of the different color matching opportunities. Mix & Match is in!
     Finding the right room decor can be the most important aspect of all when decorating a room. Add some flare to your space by adding pillows with patterns, accent chairs, and unique rugs/lamps, etc. Different fabric designs and colors can coincide in perfection, if done right.                                                                                                                                                      
The possibilities truly are LIMITLESS!

    Whether you're going for the southern charm, or a more modern style, it CAN be done. As the pictures show, a sectional from Barter Post- Trade Up Store is transformed into suiting anyone's personality, and character.

     When it's time to update your decor, don't forget to check out and join the 'Barter' community at for the BEST PRICES in the Tri-State area! Find ideas on websites like Pinterest, or other Do It Yourself (DIY) websites and put them to action in your own home with your new furniture. It is guaranteed that you enjoy your home for years to come. 

Article by,Brooke Joliet