Friday, June 30, 2017

Copper for Ten Thousand Years, Benefits our Health

"Copper Minerals" for Ten Thousand Years, Benefits our Health, our Lives and our over all well being 

by Copper Development Association, inc

Copper in Health

Copper Fact 1
Copper is essential in the human diet. It is needed for the normal growth and development of human fetuses, infants and children. In adults, it is necessary for the growth, development and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, brain, heart and many other body organs. Copper is involved in the formation of red blood cells, the absorption and utilization of iron, and the synthesis and release of life-sustaining proteins and enzymes. These enzymes produce cellular energy and regulate nerve transmission, blood clotting and oxygen transport. Copper is also known to stimulate the immune system, help repair injured tissues and promote healing. Copper has been shown to help neutralize "free radicals," which can cause severe damage to cells.