Friday, April 17, 2015

Lumbar-Cool Motion Advanced Chronic Pain Relief

    I remember sitting in a chair, recliner or even lying on a foam mattress. These products had no air flow and would hold the heat from our bodies. If your a hot person then this became unbearable.

    Thankfully time has passed and with the new advances in technologies, foams, fabrics are now being designed to allow air flow through the product and by adding a cool gel memory foam gives it the creme brulee' in other words a very comfortable level of comfort.

    Getting the best relief from chronic pain is dependant of the manufacture. In these hard economic times short cuts are made by adding off brand cool gel and memory foams, "like the bed in a bag", unwrap it and watch it expand. Mattresses lasting only a short time due to failure. Some of the top name brands are out sourcing products from china and these generic products are flooding the market ten fold so buyer beware.

MADE IN USA there is no better product period.

    True chronic pain relief is achieved best when your body reaches a relaxing comfort level, as the inflammation reduces in your body and the hopefully the healing process begins.  Air flows thru the  memory gel when properly designed and allows the heat from your body to dissipate.


    These new mattresses cost a lot more from the big box retailers, mostly in the $2000 to $3000 range by shopping with stores like Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville, Alabama you get special treatment and it's probably the best offer out there in the market today. Local mom and pop store has changed the way folks shop for new mattresses by offering WHOLESALE COST PLUS 10% the same type or even better quality mattresses cost $500 to make and some will say it's a much better bed after being customized for added chronic pain relief. This new concept truly helps local customers in the community to prosper by making it affordable and easy to own. This has caused an overwhelming and yet appreciative demand with over 17,000 friends on facebook and growing fast.

Advancements within the hybrid technology by including pocketed coils has made it possible for the  makers of living room sofa's, recliners and such to offer a much cooler way to sit and relax like this new Jumbo Lumbar-Cool Motion Recliner. It Heats... It Massages and has a wonderful comfort level to help you body to relax in the comfort of your home.

Many other products are being designed as technology advances and who knows maybe one day we'll be able to drive our mattresses right into work with a complete change of clothes like the old cartoon " The Jetsons" just saying...

"It's SOooo COoooL"