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Pain: The Sleep Thief

What is the best mattress for chronic back or lumbar pain??

     Pain and sleep go hand and hand. Chronic pain has become a very common problem in this generation. Pain affects your ability for a good nights rest. It can be the reason for waking up multiple times at night, resulting in sleep deprivation. Having arthritis, and rolling on your side all throughout the night, gets to be a relentless effort in the pursuit of comfort.

      The first step to stealing your sleep back is to figure out what the cause is. Pain may not be the only thing interfering with your sleep.
     Improving sleep in people with chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and diabetic nerve pain can be helped with medication. Also, an important factor is how old is your mattress and pillows. Do they offer the proper support for your body?

What do Bedding Experts recommend for people with back, neck or body pain?

Firstly, we recommend consulting with a physician about any back related issues before thinking that a mattress will solve your back problems.

1.) Pillows: Let's start with your pillow. This is perhaps one of the most important to getting proper sleep alignment. If your neck is to forward as with a solid piece of foam or if your neck stays too hot due to poor circulation of air flowing through the pillow. It is best reccommended to purchase a pillow that is made from real quality memory foam, chunked not solid. New advancements in technology have added cool gel infused with the memory foam but don't be fooled with pillows that offer cool gel with only a thin film over it as it will not allow any air to flow or cool factor.

2.) Mattresses: Studies have proven firm or extra firm mattresses are not beneficial to relieving chronic pain in fact they keep your pain areas constantly inflammed as the muscles are not able to relax, the only exception is if you sleep on your back then a firmer mattress is good. Keep in mind if a mattress seems uncomfortable then it's not right for you. a more plush pressureless mattress allows your body to enter into a state of relaxation, a deeper sleep, therefore you have a better chance of letting the healing process take over. Pillowtops are too soft, but work well for plus size people that sleep on their side or stomach.

3.) Motion: Many folks steer away from adjustable bed bases simply because of the high cost. The average sale is around $7000 on the market to get quality. Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville AL has a different approach that is gaining popularity with over 18,000 fans on facebook. A special program has been put in place for the community to purchase motion beds at Wholesale Cost plus 10%, under this progam a queen adjustable bed base only cost's $620 then if you want massage add  $100 - Mattresses are sold the same way under this wholesale program for the community.

Health benefits for a motion bed base by far outway the price. If you suffer from chronic pains then this is truly the way to go. A motion bed helps bring your pain to a zero gravity which means when adjusted properly you won't have any pressure on your pain areas. When we age our body continues to change and so our comfort level changes as well. Whatever position your in today may not be the same position in a day or two. The advantages of being able to change your postion is a great way to go. Motion beds in general have great stability and with the right mattress won't put any pressure on your troubled areas allowing for a speedy recovery or a way to manage your pains. If you want your motion bed to last make sure it is made of solid steel with a lifetime warranty on the bed base. The best warranty for motors is usually 5 years with the availbilty to buy parts after warranty. Your better motion beds will be made in usa. Motion beds from China are flooding the market and won't last long at all. Some of the companies offer a short version of the motion bed where the head only goes up. This won't have any benefits to managing chronic pains. It is important your motion bed lifts at both ends so you have the option to raise your feet over your heart, this helps with inflammation that come with arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic heart failure and such by allowing your body to reduce inflammation while you rest.

If you suffer from chronic pains just remember to look for 3 ingredients: Memory foam, Latex and Cool Gel. Some advertisers are deceptive and offer only thin layers inside their mattresses for alot less and they will not have any true benefits to offering any kind of relief. keywords to look out for is touch or to the touch,

How will I know if the mattress I buy is going to be the right one?

The answer is when you lay on a new mattress sample different comfort levels og back and forth, this allows your body to adjust to the various levels and when you finally find the perfect mattress your body will speak out loud to you. Chronic pain areas will feel more relaxed instantly, your body will feel a state of bliss. most important you should be well supported and feel pressureless.

     Barter Post Trade-Up Store offers a Lumbar-Cool Hybrid Collection of Mattresses specially designed for chronic pains, in our Budget Center Showroom. Featuring King Koil, and Therapedic mattresses for way less. Also available is the Lumbar-Cool Motion, the perfect adjustable bed base with massage. We can help with your chronic pains, and we are committed to  helping you choose the right comfort level your body requires for that good nights sleep. Let your body rest, at Barter Post.

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